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 Fall Ride 5 Day Ride

October 12 - 16, 2020
Saddle Valley Campground/Big South Fork
Jamestown Tn

Our 5 day, 4 night ride through Big South Fork N.R.R.A.. 
We'll load everyone's gear in our trailer, and we'll head for our first night at Charit Creek Lodge, your gear will not be available at Charit Creek, so we'll have to pack a change of clothes with us that day. We'll ride out of Charit Creek, head toward the Big South Fork River , then turn north for a few miles, at Big Island we'll head up out of the river gorge, and make our way to our second nights camp. We'll ride into camp to find the fire going, and Teresa and Christy cooking a hot meal for your enjoyment after a long day in the saddle. Riders are allowed to bring a small dome tent, a sleeping bag/bed roll, a duffel bag for you clothes and personal items, grain for your horse, we will provide good quality hay, you are also allowed a small cooler to bring along some personal beverages to enjoy while sitting around the fire relaxing.The next morning we'll get up to the smell of hot coffee on the fire, and bacon in the skillet. After breakfast we'll load all the gear back in the trailer, and we'll ride out, heading north, further into Kentucky . We'll stop for a short break at Dick Gap overlook, for a view of the Blue Heron mining area, and the river. From here we'll drop back into the gorge, and ride down to Blue Heron, where we'll stop for lunch, and a quick look around. We'll head south to our third night's camp in the Bear Creek area. Again ride into camp to find all your gear there, the fire going, and supper being cooked. Our forth day will be from Bear Creek to Station Camp horse camp where we'll make our forth night's camp. We'll leave Station Camp horse camp, ride back down into the gorge, cross the river, and head toward Saddle Valley Campground. All meals will be provided, saddle bag lunches for the trail. We'll provide plenty of water, soft drinks, juice. We do not provide alcohol, but understand some people enjoying a cold beer in the evening, or some other personal drink, the driver can usually be talked into stopping by the store to restock, so you don't need to bring a large cooler, we have to think about the space needed for ever ones gear. 

               ***A note about Charit Creek horse accommodations***
There are only 6 stalls available at an extra cost of $20 per stall, there are 2 round pens, where horses need to be tied so horses cannot get to other horses and cause problems, there will also be a high line for tying horses

This is a long ride, and riders must think long and hard before committing to such a ride. You should begin getting ready now. We will make sure there is water available for horses, and we will have plenty of hay at each camp. PLEASE, NO DOGS OR STALLIONS. Horses will be tied to high lines at night. We have several high lines, that will be stretched TIGHT, about 7'-8' above the ground. Your horse needs to be trained to stand tied for long periods. WE REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE SHOES ON YOUR HORSE. I am not against barefoot horses, but the condition of some of the trails is very poor, we will be in the very heart of the most rugged wilderness in the southeast. A sore horse will slow down the whole group, we have to make a destination every day, we cannot slow down, or turn around. We will deal with EMERGENCIES, but a sore horse because of no shoes is not an emergency, and we cannot take that chance.
Although the menu has not been finalized, we have enjoyed such things as New York strip steak, hearty beef stew, pork tenderloin, a big ol' pot of chili, in the past, and I'm sure we'll be eating good this year also. Breakfast is usually bacon, sausage, eggs , pancakes, coffee, or juice, milk, water...
The cost is $500.00 per rider, that includes a campsites at Saddle Valley on Sunday night before the ride, coffee, and pastries at the campground Monday morning while packing our saddle bag lunch. Dinner and breakfast Monday night and Tuesday morning at Charit Creek Lodge, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday, and Thursday,  breakfast and lunch on Friday, and a potluck dinner at the pavilion after we get back Friday afternoon. Reservations must be made over the phone (931)879-6262 talking to Teresa directly, NO EMAIL OR FACEBOOK. We need a $150 non-refundable deposit to Saddle Valley Campground, 350 Dewey Burks Rd Jamestown Tn 38556.

Overnight trail rides are designed to allow you to ride parts of Big South Fork that are not easily accessed from developed campgrounds. Saddle Valley loads all of your gear in our 24’ goose neck trailer, and hauls it into the area while you ride the trails and enjoy the park without having to worry about packing everything on an extra pack animal, or having to go with just a bedroll and 2 cans of potted meat. We allow you to bring your sleeping bag, we suggest a small 2 man dome tent, a duffel bag, and a bag of grain for horses. We supply hay, or make sure there is plenty of grazing for the horses. We also allow you to bring a small to medium cooler. When you ride into camp in the evening, all your gear is already there waiting for you. Unsaddle, and tend your trusty steed, pick a nice place to pitch your tent, and then relax by the fire, and enjoy Teresa’s camp cooking. I promise you, you will see things most visitors to Big South Fork will never se, you WILL make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
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